Call Your Members of Congress


It's your representatives' job to represent you. The Senate and House of Representatives are your voice in Washington D.C., where big decisions about refugee policy are made.


  1. Find the phone numbers of your two senators and one member of congress here:
  2. Call them using the script below
  3. Follow up on Social Media

Example Script (Make it your own!)

Staffer: Office of Congresswoman Jane, how can I help you?

Caller: Hi there, I’m a constituent. Can I please speak with the staffer who handles refugee issues?

Staffer: I’m happy to take down any comments you may have. Can I ask for your name and address to verify you’re in the Congresswoman’s district?

Caller: Sure thing. [Gives name/address]. Can I ask who I’m speaking with?

Staffer: Yes, this is Mary Brown.

Caller: Thanks, Mary! I’m calling to ask what the Congresswoman is doing to protect against any effort to dismantle refugee resettlement or pass discriminatory policies targeting refugees from Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan. I stand with our refugee families and those in refugee camps and urban situations seeking protection, and those who are here and desperately waiting to be reunited with their family members overseas. Refugees are our co-workers, neighbors, friends, business owners, community leaders and proud American citizens and voters. Can you tell me what Congresswoman Jane is going to do about it?

Staffer: Well I really appreciate you calling and sharing your thoughts! I of course can’t speak for the Congresswoman because I’m just a Staff Assistant, but I can tell you that I’ll pass your concerns on to her.

Caller: I appreciate that Jeremy, but I don’t want you to just pass my concerns on. I would like to know what the Congresswoman is doing to stop this. [If they stick with the “I’m just a staffer” line, ask them when a more senior staffer will get back to you with an answer to your question.]

Staffer: I’m afraid we don’t take positions on such issues.

Caller: Why not?

Staffer: They are the President’s responsibility. We have no control over them.

Caller: But the Congresswoman has the ability to speak out and say that this is unacceptable. Other members of Congress have done so. Why isn’t Congresswoman Jane doing that?

Staffer: As I said, this is the President’s responsibility. It’s not our business to have a position on such decisions.

Caller: It is everyone’s business if someone is turning their backs on refugees during when they need help the most. The Congresswoman is my elected representative, and I expect her to speak out on this.

Staffer: I’ll pass that on.

Caller: I find it unacceptable that the Congresswoman refuses to take a position. I’ll be notifying my friends, family, and local newspaper that our Congresswoman doesn’t think it’s her job to represent her constituents.

(End call)

How to follow up on social media?

Check this list or this list (or Google) for your representatives' Facebook and Twitter accounts.


.@[MyRep] Thank you for taking my call and pledging to [...]


.@[MyRep] refused to take any kind of action to protect refugees when help is needed now more than ever.



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