Newcomer Stories

David's Story

"The things that we have are the things we have to defend... We have to acknowledge our common humanity."




Abdalaa's Story

“I am a father of four kids; two sons and two daughters. I work as a cast decor artist. One of my pieces is a dried tree brought back to life. With it’s new greenery, it was given a second chance.”


From Syria to San Diego: A Family's Journey

Israeli Artist, Syrian Refugee Make Art Not War In San Diego

Refugee, Immigrants Make Art with a Message



Ammar's Story

“The reason why I left Syria was because I was detained several times, and I wanted to secure a safe life for my children and myself at the same time … The most important thing is to live in secure surroundings.”


Syrian Refugee Family Hopes for New Life in San Diego

Syrian Refugee Saw the Stars and Stripes - and 'Felt Safe'

From Al-Qamishli to San Diego